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Everyone has a book in them don't they?

Having only read nine books in my life and leaving school with an ‘E’ in English, I guess you could say I’m not your typical author. Then, a few years ago, my book came to me in a series of vivid dreams. After recounting the story repeatedly to family and friends over dinner, the mystery thriller grew arms and legs, and Room 119 was born.

How did I start writing?

That’s the question everyone asks, and that I always struggle to answer. The truth is, I don’t know. I guess the hardest part for all aspiring writers is to start writing. So, I opened my laptop, typed ‘chapter one’ and let my fingers do the work from there. (The dreaded fear of showing anyone the book comes much later). My advice would be to just start writing and let your imagination take over from there. Here are a few tips that I wish someone had told me before I began to write my first mystery thriller.

Room 119 - The Whitby Trader

My debut novel - A UK mystery urban fantasy thriller

Meet DI Dixon

UK Mystery Thriller, Police Procedural set in Saltburn, North Yorkshire.

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What is truth when the past is a lie?

Funicular is my second novel and again I dreamt most of it, another mystery thriller, but a police procedural this time. It's lovely as an author to write about a place you know and love. There are some strange goings on in Funicular which pushes DI Dixon to the very edge of reason, he really has his work cut out on this one.

Being born in Marske-by-the-sea, North Yorkshire, about a mile along the beach from Saltburn complete with its Pier and Funicular cliff lift. I loved writing about the area where I was brought up, hopefully you can smell the sea air and see the sights and hear sounds in your head as you read or listen. Click the 'Buy now' button if you would like a copy. Available on Kindle, Paperback, Audible and FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

On the Funicular page of this site I have added some images to help you along with visualising this amazing place.

Book Blurb

After his life is threatened, DI Bob Dixon leaves London hoping for the quiet life in the northern village of Saltburn-by-the-Sea. But when he takes on the case of young Lizzy Scraggs, missing since a huge tide hit Saltburn six years earlier, he embarks on an investigation that will push him to the very edge of reason.

Out on the beat, Bob learns the legend of the funicular car that left the top of Saltburn’s famous cliff lift many years ago carrying two passengers, and arrived at the bottom empty save for an abandoned ticket. And every big tide since has seen another local child disappear.

Feeling increasingly manipulated by a shadowy nemesis, Bob struggles to make sense of the seemingly impossible clues before him. How can the dead live again? Who is the tortured man haunting the churchyard in nearby Marske? And with the next massive tide just hours away, can Bob solve the puzzle and bring an end to the tragedy of Saltburn’s missing children?